Fauzia Maria Beg and the
Lorenzo Petrocca Organ Trio

Fauzia Maria Beg (Vocals)
Lorenzo Petrocca (Guitar)
Thomas Bauser (Hammond B3)
Armin Fischer (Drums)
Guest on CD: Jochen Feucht (Sax)

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Jazz-Duo with Lorenzo Petrocca

Lorenzo Petrocca, born in 1964 at Crotone/southern Italy, came to Germany in 1979 as an emigrant with his family. He mastered the big changes of the two cultures and the loss of everything familiar to him by the boxing - a sport he already practised in Italy before. In 1981 he succeeded in being the Champion of Wuerttemberg in his weight class.

From 1982 on he showed his first musical interests. He then was already 18 years old. And so he bought his first electric guitar. Soon after that he already played with Italien dance bands, from 1986 on within soul and funk bands among American soldiers. The Jazz he finally discovered in 1989 when he was already 25 years old.